Apprendo LMS e-Learning Software and Training Platform


Apprendo is a powerful, highly adaptive and easy to use online learning platform that enables academic institutions and corporations to work together improving careers paths, collaboration and access to knowledge for the non-academic students in the workforce. Our satisfied customers use Apprendo to manage learners from application stage, through registration and all the way to re-enrollment and re-certification.

Complex registration processes

This is the first Learning platform that does all the hard work for you. Train your workforce faster with the most cost-effective LMS available. Apprendo takes care of the entire learning management process as well, especially those unusual registration and administration processes.

Workplacement and Co-Op Learning Made Easy

Our e-Learning platform does all the work for you. Train staff, students, stakeholders and business partners using your existing content and knowledge base. Our software will convert it to an e-Learning platform, custom to your needs. Keep scrolling to see how easy it really is!

How it Works - 5 Easy Steps

Step 1 - Upload Your Content

Drop video files, presentations, audio and/or images to the Fast Upload Box or use the Module Menu to create one at a time. Apprendo software will convert it for use on any device, on the spot.

Familiar with Sharable Content Object Reference Models (SCORM)? Apprendo understands SCORM and you’ll note that dropping content into our platform is just like creating a SCORM package, but without the hassle of actually doing it. Don’t know what SCORM is? Who cares! You will never need to thanks to Apprendo. Let’s keep moving.

Step 2 - Create Quizzes for Trainees 

Once you uploaded your content, it’s time to create some engaging learning activities for end-users. Our platform is equipped with high-engagement tools that include Quizzes and Surveys to support your training initiatives. Not only do these features grab the attention of your trainees, they do so by creating an environment that is more conducive to learning.

Step 3 - Add an Element of e-Learning Fun for Trainees 

When trainees and students enjoy the learning experience, they better retain information. That’s why we added a healthy dose of fun to our e-learning platform. With a simple click of a button, you can add preset activities that include a Memory Card Game, Crosswords Puzzles and the classic Hangman Game. From there, you add text and media that is applicable to your training needs. End-users will participate in the games while referencing information that will assist in knowledge retention.

New games and interactive activities will likely be added throughout your subscription. Developers on the marketplace are also using the Apprendo API to create their own and will make them available through the Apprendo marketplace in the near future.  

Step 4 - Share with Trainees and Stakeholders

Apprendo has a set of tools that allows companies, consultants, and instructors to manage all of their training needs. As a client, you can create your own teams and assign an entire team to a course. Alternatively, you can set your own rules to automate such tasks. For instance, enrollment in teams and courses can be automated so that enrollment occurs by referencing user data such as job position, department, or corporate branch

Because Apprendo converts your content for use on any device, trainees can learn from anywhere at anytime. Staff and stakeholders can consume and engage with content from their desk or on their tablet/smartphone while flying business class to an important client meeting.

Step 5 - Reports and Feedback

This is where the magic really happens.

What sets Apprendo apart from a traditional LMS is the complete and utter devotion to user feedback and ongoing evolution of e-learning. Your trainees are encouraged to provide this feedback throughout a session so that they can provide real-time input that will help you improve the platform. This is accomplished by providing engagement tools that they are accustomed to thanks to social media.

Trainees can “Like” a specific video, presentation, quiz, or any other item. They can also comment on a specific feature or tutorial and share it on the Apprendo Social Wall where team members can view it and/or send it to a pre-assigned Facebook or Twitter Group. They are also encouraged to complete a survey to provide additional feedback. As the account owner, you have full control over these activities.​

Trainee workflow can be bookmarked in the event that they do not complete a specific module in a set amount of time. For example, the video module allows you to know where a trainee left off in the most recent attempt to view a presentation. The resulting video report will provide you with data detailing whether or not a user watched the whole video, if the video was fast forwarded, and if so, how many times. As a course administrator, you will have full access to information on how trainees consumed and interacted with your e-learning tutorials.

Apprendo dictates that e-learning should be an evolving cycle where instructors and trainees alike participate dynamically. There’s nothing else like it on the LMS market. Is your business or brand ready to evolve?