Increase enrolments

Increase enrolments for
onsite and online courses with the right LMS  

Present your courses to a larger audience and engage with your elearning community

Increase Enrolments in your online and onsite training

Strategic enrolment management (SEM) as you've never seen before

For example:

  • Promote online and onsite courses
  • Receive payment
  • Easily connect your Marketplace to existing websites
  • Integrate marketplace with existing financial systems or CRM

The right training management that helps you increase enrolments

Online or Onsite, makes no difference to us

Not all learning happens online

Training management with

Apprendo helps you manage and promote ALL your training, regardless of how it is delivered

For example:

  • Course Admins / instructors have the option to set the maximum number of participants per class
  • Wishlist allows applicants to express interest in a course they are not ready to register for
  • Easy training management for all your online and onsite courses
  • Online learners can begin learning right away or at schedule times
  • Learners are notified and reminded of their Onsite training sessions.


Extremely easy training management

Manage your training events with Apprendo


Adapt registration to your current workflow

      Easily manage course pre-requisites

Apprendo marketplace and training management system

List the prerequisites and decide how you want these evidenced

For example:

  • Upload certificate
  • Learner confirmation with no evidence required
  • Official certificate reference number required

See how Apprendo can streamline the management of course pre-requisites.

Manage promotions and campaigns

promote your training with Apprendo training management

Apprendo has the right tools to promote your courses online and to social media

  • Promote individual courses through all social media channels
  • Embed your course lists to other websites using Apprendo's Marketplace Widget
  • Manage different prices for the same course
  • Apply bulk discounts on registrations
  • Apply discounts based on other rules such as location, age, nationality, partnering organization and more.

Increase your acceptance rate, sell training easily