All You Need to Know About Our New Marketplace

All You Need to Know About Our New Marketplace

2017 has been an exciting year for the elearning and LMS industry filled with significant change, especially for Apprendo - lots of new people and a significant shift in the product in response to the needs of our market. This post will give you the headlines of what is coming in January 2018. While many SaaS businesses limit features depending on the package a customer has purchased, we have decided to give every customer every feature. This is core to our mission of providing easy access to learning & elearning everywhere!


Apprendo Marketplace

Apprendo training management and marketplace

In our journey to make learning & elearning accessible to everyone everywhere, we found that one of the bigger “access challenges” was AWARENESS of learning opportunities in their community or company and secondly a long and complex registration process. The Apprendo Marketplace address these problems. The white-labeled marketplace turns your website into a course selling machine with all the expected social media promotion tools built in as well as incredible search functionality. In addition to effectively promoting your courses to your communities, the Apprendo marketplace promotes your courses across its global platform, which is particularly useful for reaching an international audience and for promoting distance delivery courses.

Our new pricing model for organizations that sell courses, is very exciting and makes it easy to get started quickly in time for next years’ registration season. Get started today and we’ll get you up and running in no time.

If you signup before the end of January, you can take advantage of our pre-launch offer of only $1,000 licence fee for the year and only 6% application fee on every course sold. This offer is exclusively for those organizations that sell courses.


Manage multiple enrolment and payment scenarios with ease

Everyone’s situation is different, and the way they start learning & elearning varies. Sometimes they are enrolling as part of a group, sometimes they don’t have access to a traditional bank and need to be able to pay in cash or in person. Sometimes a family member, company or First Nation Band has paid for them and they need a voucher to complete registration. The Apprendo Marketplace has taken all these exceptions and complexities into account, and makes it really easy for your team to administer all your courses, whether they be online or onsite.

The Apprendo Marketplace has taken particular care in selecting a payment gateway that provides the world's best security for international payments and its integration makes the reporting on payments and issuing of refunds particularly easy.


Apprendo Payments marketplace

LMS Core

The LMS core and the Marketplace form one single and seamless product delivered over Amazon Web Services (AWS), providing the most secure and scalable SaaS platform available. This “connected solution” makes it seamless for learners to move directly from registration into their course, with an easy to use admin interface for managing course prerequisites.

Accelerated Content Creation

A well-loved feature of our LMS is the unique drag-and-drop interaction for Accelerated Content Creation. You can watch as this tool turns your existing “learning objects” (powerpoints, videos etc) into trackable SCORM-like learning objects. This tool makes it easy for anyone in your organization to create a course, and removes the need for expensive course creation specialists.

Quizz Engine Supporting Microlearning

Our LMS has all the necessary tools built in to create and deliver your course end-to-end. This includes the Quizz tool that supports significant assessments, short course surveys, and makes it really easy to create quizzes that support micro-learning. Quizzes results feed into the LMS reporting tool to help you assess completion, as well as provide useful feedback to students on their progress and grasp of the core learning concepts.