Redefining Learning Management Systems (LMS) for Today’s User

About us

Building the Team to Build the Perfect LMS

The Apprendo team brings well over a decade of expertise in e-learning software development, engineering, and content production. This includes the planning and design of online learning applications for Fortune Global 500 companies.

Since 2004, Apprendo founder Camilo Rivera has worked diligently to not only perfect the world’s first truly user-friendly, efficient, and affordable learning management system (LMS), but to build a team that could make it happen.

Together with Marcos Castillo, Oscar Morales, Judith Ontiveros and an indispensable team behinds the scenes, the goal would be realized. But the road to that goal would be a challenging one.

Recognizing the Obstacles (and Opportunities) in the LMS Industry

Camilo and the team recognized that 99% of the systems out there were incredibly piecemeal. LMS engineers and content producers forged ahead with their own agendas, rarely sharing what they learned along the way. Worse yet, instructors and organizations were not delivered a product that allowed end-users to provide them with feedback that could be applied to better customize training modules. 

The result was a scattered marketplace with little to no consistency between platforms. Users moving from one LMS to the next became frustrated, finding no common ground between options. Because of this, many ultimately lost faith in e-learning systems as a tool to help their business grow.

In 2012, the Apprendo group made the decision to pull the LMS industry from near collapse. But it needed to be redefined to do so. LMS required a rebirth, so to speak.

Enter the Apprendo e-Learning Platform

To strip down the antiquated LMS model, we created the ultimate one-stop shop for businesses to train their teams/stakeholders and for instructors to build and sell their courses.

We accomplished this by providing an online platform that allows you to tap into your current knowledge base and content resources to create a custom e-learning platform in a manner so easy that you can get started within minutes of registration. That platform hit the global market in 2016 and in that short time, has redefined the industry. Adoption occurred quickly, with a client base to date that includes the likes of Walgreens and Johnson Controls.

In the process, we have also created a marketplace where you can buy e-learning resources from other members, fostering a community that will drive our sustainable platform to be better with each passing day, evolving as human knowledge evolves.