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Apprendo is an online training platform that helps you create better learning experiences. Improve the path to certifications and adapt your knowledge base as your team grows. With us, you’ll bring people together and build stronger teams, no matter where they are.

Your Training Process


Apprendo is an all-in-one learning and knowledge-sharing tool for organisational development.

We help you shape and improve the skills your teams need to succeed. From onboarding new employees across the globe to creating engaging steps in your colleagues’ training journey, Apprendo is here to help.

  • Digitize the
  • Bridge
    the Gap
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Bring Your Knowledge
Hub Online

From training certifications and compliance to paid courses and team-building events, we help you transfer your programs online. When your team can work from anywhere, they can succeed from anywhere as well.

Remove Those
Growing Pains

Our training platform scales with you. Set up new training modules, check to see who has yet to complete a certificate, and onboard your new hire without touching a single piece of paper.

Redefine Admin

Focus your day on team performance, not task implementation. By cutting back on the calls, emails, and paperwork, your managers will finally have time to concentrate on what really counts.

Build Stronger

Videos, quizzes, and presentations help present training in creative ways that stick. Even better, we’ve made our platform easy to learn, so your team can start working on the goals of tomorrow, today.

Understand Your
People Better

With Apprendo, every success and failure helps you create better content for your team. Track and analyze sales data, user preferences, certification progress, and more. 

Share Insights
with the Team

Online training doesn’t have to be frustrating. Ask learners to answer questions on how they enjoyed the class. Discover vital analytics on waitlist numbers and new enrolments so you can generate engagement. 

Apprendo Makes

Online Training Easy

Create Lasting Engagement

Apprendo requires no technical training, so you can focus on your online organisational learning strategy. Our clients choose us because they need to manage events, boost registrations, improve their revenue, adjust learning processes and keep track of it all.

Enhance Branded Content

Make us your white label e-learning solution. We help you centralize all of the tools you need so your learners enjoy a streamlined experience. From registration and integrated billing to course completion and feedback, you’ll have everything you need to help your learners excel.

Wield Certification Suites

Do compliance indicators give you the chills? Bring your certification library online and get an instant read on your entire employee training spectrum. You can even set automated custom reminders to let you know when someone’s certification is about to expire.

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